Extraordinary Photos of U.S. Presidents on Their Wedding Days

It’s no secret that being the President of the United States is an extremely stressful job. The presidency might come with a few perks like being the ruler of one of the biggest nations in the world and having a fancy house and staff. However, it also comes with the knowledge that you are responsible for a country of 325 million people.

Luckily since the country was first founded, most presidents have had their spouses at their sides. When the world became too exhausting to deal with, the presidents had someone to lean on.

Let’s take a quick look at 15 remarkable photos of former presidents on their wedding days. Most people are surprised how one president asked his soon-to-be wife to delay the wedding due to the elections (No. 11).

1. George and Martha Washington

George and Martha Washington at their wedding in 1759

George and Martha Washington at their wedding in 1759 | Library of Congress/Wikimedia Common

  • Married from 1759 -1799

George Washington was the nation’s first president. He married Martha Washington on January 6, 1759. Mrs. Washington was a wealthy widow who was experienced in managing a planter’s estate and could fund her new husband’s ventures.

The pair had no children together because the president had contracted smallpox earlier in his life and was sterile. However, they did raise Mrs. Washginton’s children John Parke Custis and Martha “Patsy” together. Washington’s marriage to Martha made him one of Virginia’s wealthiest men it allowed him to rise through the social ranks.

Though the term “first lady” was not coined until after Mrs. Washington’s death, she was often called Lady Washington. She preferred to stay out of politics and chose to live a private life at Mt. Vernon. However, during the Revolutionary War, she visited her husband’s winter encampments to help keep up the troops’ morale. She outlived her husband by two and a half years.

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