‘Frasier’ Reboot: Kelsey Grammer Had Discussed It as a Third Act for the Character

Kelsey Grammer in Frasier

Frasier | NBC

It looks like Frasier may be the next classic TV show to get a reboot, but if the series does return, viewers should expect it to look fairly different than what came before.

Deadline reported on the potential return of Frasier today, saying that Kelsey Grammer is currently fielding interest. According to Deadline’s sources, the new series would be a reboot set in a new city, with Frasier Crane himself possibly being the only link between the two shows.

This fits with the way Grammer had previously talked about a possible Frasier reboot. When he appeared on The Talk in May, he said that there had been some discussions of a revival but that if the show returned, it wouldn’t just continue where things left off.

“We have some ideas,” he said. “John [Mahoney] died recently…and so, of course, we couldn’t pick it up where we left it off. And I don’t really have much interest in doing that. If it were going to be anything, I’d want it to be an act three for Frasier of some sort. You know, something different.”

This would seem to be in contrast to something like Roseanne, which returned to ABC earlier this year basically as the same show it was when it left 20 years earlier. Sure, a lot had changed in the interim, and there were new characters introduced, but the fundamental dynamic, setting, and plot of the new Roseanne was fully in line with what came before.


Frasier | NBC

With Frasier, though, we might be looking at something a lot more fresh, with this being a series set in a new location and featuring new characters with only Frasier himself being the common thread. Cheers could be Frasier’s first act, Frasier could be his second, and this show could be his third.

None of this is definite, though, as Deadline reports that Grammer is meeting with a lot of writers at the moment who are pitching different concepts, so the series is very much in its early stages.

On the one hand, fans who were worried upon hearing the news of a Frasier reboot might be relieved to learn that this show won’t just try to pick things up all these years later and recapture the exact same dynamic. On the other hand, it’s difficult to imagine a return of Frasier without David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane.

Of course, there are also those who feel that the series should be left alone now that John Mahoney, who brilliantly played Frasier’s father Martin, has died. But earlier this year, while discussing the possibility of a reboot, executive producer Christopher Lloyd said he thinks Mahoney would have approved of them going on without him.

“John was such a generous soul,” Lloyd said. “He would be the first person to say, ‘Oh course you should go ahead and do it.’ Even if it came up before [his passing], he would be the first person to root everybody forward in doing it.”