From ‘Gotham’ to ‘The Flash’: Ranking Every Superhero TV Show


Jerome in Gotham | Fox

Comic books have made their way into Hollywood in a big way over the last decade. Helped along by things like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and Marvel’s expansive Cinematic Universe, superheroes have become an integral part of pop culture. They’re ever present in movie theaters, but that hasn’t stopped the movement from hitting the realm of television, evidenced by the score of TV series across all the major networks.

The preponderance of options leads us to one logical question: which is the best? In the interest of answering this, we’ve ranked every superhero show on TV right now. Some series have been around for multiple seasons, while others have just arrived on the scene. Regardless of their seniority, there are some that are objectively better (and worse) than their contemporaries. So, without further ado, the definitive list:

13. Gotham, FOX

Gotham’s debut season was marred by uneven pacing and a limited concept, and only recently has started to come into its own. The idea of “Batman sans Batman” severely caps the potential of a show that largely focuses on the origin story of the Dark Knight’s various villains.

All this came to a head with the introduction of Jerome, a character thought to be the proto-Joker. Without spoiling too much, the truth behind this mystery capped off the most eminently watchable and clever episode the fledgling series has ever seen. Even so, one good episode doesn’t make a great show, keeping Gotham on the bottom of the pile … for now.

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