Jon Gosselin Makes Shocking Allegations Against Kate Gosselin, Accuses Her of Child Abuse

Jon Gosselin has made some shocking allegations against ex-wife Kate Gosselin, claiming that their children “have suffered abuse” from her “militant” parenting style. Jon and Kate, who divorced in 2009, share eight children — twins Cara and Madelyn, 18, and sextuplets, Collin, Hannah, Alexis, Aaden, Leah and Joel, 15.

Jon and Kate Gosselin
Jon and Kate Gosselin with their children | Heidi Gutman/NBC NewsWire

Jon Gosselin’s shocking interview

In a new interview with DailyMailTV, Jon shared that he has received “50 to 60” letters from the Department of Human Services over the years notifying him that reports of suspected child abuse were being investigated.

He believes that Kate mentally abused their son Collin before sending him to a child behavioral institution (without telling Jon) where he spent three years.

In addition to his claims of abuse, Jon explains that Kate has made the kids work in order to maintain her lifestyle.

During the interview, he stated: “It’s time America found out the truth about Kate, she isn’t the person you think she is.” He continued: “Kate is not doing the shows for her family, Kate is doing it for herself. She’s narcissistic and selfish. That’s it. Period. All of this is for her — Kate Plus Eight, Kate Plus Date, it’s her name first.”

He added: “She always speaks for the children. They say this, they want to do this — unicorns, rainbows and look, flying pigs. It’s all lies. They all have voices.”

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Jon’s claims of abuse

Daily Mail provided some of the DHS documents which allege suspected child abuse that was investigated. The agency told Jon that the reports were “unfounded” due to a lack of evidence.

According to Jon, Kate allegedly sent “difficult” and “stubborn” Collin away to a care unit, while Jon believed his son was living with his mother. Jon further claims that while Collin was “caged” in a facility for three years, Kate only visited him three times and refused to tell Jon where his son was. 

Collin wasn’t the only child who Jon believes Kate abused, revealing she mentally abused and alienated their daughter Hannah, who lives with Jon after he won custody of her and Collin.

He shared in the interview: “I know my children have suffered abuse and I know one day they’re going to tell their own story. And sadly enough, I know what PTSD is. It’s really upsetting.”

Jon further claims he isn’t in contact with his four children who live with Kate, explaining, “I think Kate has really poisoned my children’s minds against me. She’s put stuff in their minds about my personality. I never cheated on my wife, I’m not a monster, I love my children more than anything.”

He continued, “I brought Collin home. He’s a great kid. I want the family unit together, I even want to co-parent.”

The impact of the reality show

Jon admits that the children had “good experiences” while filming their family reality series, but, he explained: “What people don’t understand is you only have so many hours and minutes to film that day and you’re moving a crew around of 14 people and your kids and all this stuff. So they’re not really experiencing the whole thing.”

He believes that their reality show existence sheltered his kids and they “lack social skills” as a result.

Overall, he said, “I just want to be a good dad… I want to be genuine. I want a good upbringing for my children. I want them to be children and not on television anymore and I want them to live good, healthy, normal lives.”