Kate Middleton’s Secrets to Flat Abs: How the Royal Stays in Shape

Not only does Kate Middleton care for three children and attend to her royal needs, but she also manages to stay in excellent shape while doing it. It’s no secret the royal loves to workout — and she certainly eats a healthy diet, too. But how exactly does Kate manage to keep such a svelte physique and take care of business? She makes fitness and her health as big of a priority as anything.

Here are all of Kate Middleton’s workout secrets, including how she maintains her washboard abs.

She’s a huge fan of CrossFit and HIIT workouts

Kate Middleton

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, smiles | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

As one royal insider tells Daily Mail Online, “Kate is an exercise junkie. Pippa and Kate take their toned physiques extremely seriously.” As for the exercises Kate swears by, she reportedly does a number of different cardio and resistance training exercises to burn excess fat and keep her muscles strong. The publication notes she’s a huge fan of CrossFit, as it incorporates all muscle groups for the ultimate burn.

For more specific exercises, she goes for skipping and indoor rowing after a cardio warm-up. Then, for her interval training, she’ll add in hip raises, squats, calf raises, bridges, and push-ups. Her entire regimen reportedly takes about an hour to complete.

Kate also engages in skiing, swimming, and other sports

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George in the winter of 2016 | Kensington Palace via Instagram

Both Kate and Pippa are known for their sportiness, and that hasn’t disappeared since Kate has become a royal. She’s reportedly a fantastic skier, as is her husband. We’re sure this means many more ski trips in the future for the entire family, too.

Aside from skiing, Daily Mail Online reports in school, Kate was a cross-country runner, hockey player, and tennis player — and she still continues to play tennis on Kensington Palace grounds now. And that’s not all: The publication notes she loves to go cycling outdoors with Pippa and William, and she’s also been known to head to the pool to play water polo or take part in aqua aerobics.

For her abs, she swears by the plank

Woman performing a side plank

Woman performing a side plank | iStock.com/g-stockstudio

To strengthen her core and really let those ab muscles shine through, Kate reportedly loves planks and plank variations. As one source tells Daily Mail Online, “There are three elements, the basic plank, the side plank and the prone sky dive, all of which are positions Kate can hold for 45 seconds or longer and repeat at least ten times each.” Here’s how to do all three:

Basic plank: Start in push-up position with arms fully extended or with forearms resting on the ground to support your weight. Make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders. Your back should also be completely flat as you ground your toes into the ground with hips gently lifted, forming one straight line with your body. Squeeze the glutes here to hold the position for 45 seconds to a minute before resting.

Side Plank: Begin by lying on your left side with your right leg stacked on top your left. Take your left arm and place it directly underneath your left shoulder, pushing into the ground so the arm is completely straight. Lift your hips up so they’re no longer touching the ground, and while keeping legs stacked, balance and hold the position for 45 seconds to one minute. Then, switch sides.

Prone sky dive: For this variation, you’ll want to start by lying on your stomach. Keeping your arms by your sides, slowly raise your chest off the floor using your core and lower back muscles. At the same time, engage your back even more by elevating your arms off the ground, palms facing up. Hold for 45 seconds to one minute.

The real secret to flat abs: Her diet

Even when done correctly, planks alone won’t give you Kate’s svelte physique. The real secret to her trim figure is in her diet. She keeps things simple by using fresh ingredients, consuming plenty of produce, and limiting processed goods, Cooking Light notes. She’s also reportedly a fan of eating raw foods whenever possible for the added nutrients. Her approach to food is generally this: more protein, less unhealthy carbs.

When it comes to cooking for the family, she ensures everyone’s getting proper nutrients by baking classic roasted chicken or making a warming curry. And when she’s pregnant, she takes to a diet rich in berries, avocados, and oatmeal. That’s not to say she doesn’t indulge every once in awhile, however. The true secret to keeping a figure like Kate’s is to adopt healthy habits that are relatively easy to maintain while still treating yourself when appropriate.

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