Kristin Cavallari to Host ‘Paradise Hotel’ Reboot

Fox is ready to jump back into the dating competition game, and to do so they are rebooting a relic from the past. In January the network announced that Paradise Hotel would return to the Fox line-up. Following the runaway success of The Masked Singer, Fox is hoping for another big winner in the competition genre, and they are pulling out all the stops to do it. Not only will the show push the limits and completely reimagine the dating reality show, but they have also signed up Kristin Cavallari, the Laguna Beach party girl turned mother of three, to host.

What is Paradise Hotel?

Paradise Hotel originally aired on Fox in 2003. In the original incarnation, contestants were pitted against one another in a tropical locale. Once inside the luxury resort a group of sexy singles hooked up, formed alliances and battled it out to walk away with a boatload of cash and potentially the love of their life.

Each week one of 11 cast members were evicted from the hotel until a winning couple remained. The winner was given a choice to split their loot with their partner-in-crime or leave them out in the cold. In the original incarnation of the show, Season 1 winner, Charla Pihlstrom decided to keep the $250,000 cash prize all for herself. Co-winner Keith Cuda chose to split his winnings with his partner.

What’s new about the reboot?

Fox has been trying to make Paradise Hotel happen for years. After its first season in 2003, a second season of the show aired in 2008 on Fox’s sister network but didn’t return for a follow-up. Fox thinks, however, that now is the perfect time to bring Paradise Hotel back for another go-around.

In the reboot, live elements will be incorporated to keep viewers interest. The interactive features will allow viewers to influence the show in real-time. The host, Kristin Cavallari, also brings star power to the lineup. Cavallari is currently starring in her own reality show, Very Cavallari. Very Cavallari follows the former California girl as she acclimates to the challenges of being a businesswoman in Tennessee.

Why is Fox bringing the show back now?

While Paradise Hotel failed to garner attention during its first run, Fox thinks the world is finally ready for the interactive nature of the show. The continued success of The Bachelor has signaled to multiple networks that dating competitions are of significant interest to the viewing public.

Fox, never one to be outdone, is ready to change the dating competition game entirely, and they are banking on the sexy singles, well-known host and the show’s dreamy location to do just that. Paradise Hotel will premier with a two-hour special on May 9, 2019.