‘Making a Murderer’: Every Major Thing That’s Happened Since Season 1

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Making a Murderer | Netflix

In December 2015, Netflix’s Making a Murderer captivated audiences with its chronicling of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s convictions in the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach. The show not only sparked international interest in the case, it also led to some serious developments in Dassey and Avery’s respective fights for an appeal. From Dassey’s overturned conviction to Avery’s hiring of a new lawyer, both parties have seen some major updates in their cases since the series debuted.

Given all that’s happened since the first season of Making a Murderer aired, it’s no surprise that the series has already been renewed for a second season. As Season 2 promises to bring plenty of new revelations to viewers, it’s worth taking a look back at some of the headline-making events that have occurred since the show’s premiere.

With that in mind, check out the following timeline of every important update that’s happened since Season 1 first aired.

December 2015–January 2016: A White House petition circulates

Steven Avery's mugshot on Netflix's Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer | Netflix

Shortly after the series debuted, a White House petition began circulating, seeking pardons for both Avery and Dassey. It reached 113,000 signatures by its January 19 deadline, making it eligible for an official White House review.

However, while the petition was able to gather the required number of signatures, further action wasn’t taken. As an official response from the White House explained, President Barack Obama was constitutionally prohibited from pardoning Avery or Dassey, as both were convicted in state court.

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