The 1 Meanest Reality TV Show Judge of All Time

The world of reality TV competitions are tough. Not only does a contestant have to compete as millions of viewers tune in, but they must also face harsh criticism by those judging them, even after giving it their all.

The judges can rip their performances to shreds and therefore kill their dreams in an instant. As if that isn’t bad enough, some judges really humiliate the contestants with their remarks. Whether they are trying to prepare the participants for a cutthroat business or not, their comments are sometimes so nasty that we can’t believe it really came out of their mouth.

Here are the meanest reality TV judges of all time, leading up to our No. 1 pick.

15. Len Goodman — Dancing With the Stars

Len Goodman standing in a gray suit and silver tie as he laughs.

Len Goodman | Simon Burchell/Getty Images

The judges on Dancing With the Stars aren’t the harshest critics on TV. Even though they hear boos from the crowd here and there, most of their criticism of the dances is fair. However, there have been days when it seems like head judge Len Goodman is really in a bad mood, and that’s when he grades the contestants with their lowest scores.

It’s also on those days that his comments seem particularly rude,which makes him DWTS‘ resident meanie.

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