‘Money Heist’: Season 4 Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Netflix has been churning out binge-able hits for the past five months and among them is Money Heist (La Casa de Papel). It was the platform’s most-watched show in the month of July with 34,000,000+ streams in its first seven days. The fan base is real.

With the cliffhanger left at the end of part three, the next installment of Money Heist can’t come soon enough. Will viewers have to wait until next summer to see part four of the action-packed crime drama? If you’re among the millions that can’t wait until July 2020, there might be some good news in store for you.

'Money Heist' cast.
Cast of ‘Money Heist’ | Netflix via Twitter

‘Money Heist’ received an early renewal

When it comes to La Casa de Papel, the show’s international success largely contributed to the decision to keep it going for multiple seasons. Viewers want to know what happens next for this team of robbers and during a promo tour for part three this past spring, it was revealed that part four was a sure shot.

Back in June, Diego Ávalos, head of content for Netflix Spain, revealed the series has been renewed for its next phase and that it already started filming. According to El Heraldo, the story will pick up where it left off with part three, but creator Alex Pina is not sure if it will continue with the Professor and the robbers beyond that. You’ve been warned.

Part four is due out soon

We’re not sure if it was a secret, but one of the actors from Money Heist spilled the beans on a release date for season four. Guess what, fellow fans? Per Rodrigo de La Serna (Palermo in the show), the series will return to Netflix in January 2020.

He told Cadena 3, “The fourth is already set and has a release date for January, we are very happy.” While Netflix launched in Spain in 2015, this past April saw the company celebrate the opening of its European operations hub in Madrid. That’s opened the gate for smooth production flow and possibly why filming will be completed so quickly.

As a result of the success of La Casa de Papel, Netflix has plans to ramp up production on its Spanish series. CEO Reed Hastings had this to say:

“Our aim is to be part of the Spanish creative ecosystem. We are investing for the long term, We are here to stay and to participate Our goal is to work with the best storytellers to create great shows and films that delight our members. It’s been amazing to see Spanish shows like Elite and La casa de papel win the hearts of fans not just in Spain, but globally. This is our first European production hub and we’re excited about the great stories that will be produced here in Spain, and watched by the world.”

Álex Pina has other projects set for Netflix

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Money Heist an International Emmy and Pina has been hard at work on other Netflix productions, including White Lines and Sky Rojo, which is described as a female action flick. The showrunner signed an overall deal with the streamer last year to create exclusive content.

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He has several projects in development or filming, so fans can look forward to seeing more from him. From a press release:

“Working alongside Netflix is a dream come true. We are living in a moment where series are becoming one of the most relevant cultural movements ever.

The possibility of reaching the last corner on the planet and building a world where content of all languages can travel globally, is to be part of the dream of thousands of creatives from around the world; productions coming from small places in the world that today can reach everyone.”

Not only do viewers have Money Heist 4 to look forward to for 2020, but a slate of other programming from its mastermind is on the way. Mark your calendars.