The Most Hated TV Shows of All Time

Not every TV show can be a hit, but some are just downright awful. All genres fall victim to rotten production, from reality shows to sitcoms, and have aired across decades of television history.

Our ranking takes critic and viewer response into account, as well as ratings, in order to give a complete picture of how much these series truly bombed.

Let’s take a quick look at the 21 most hated TV shows ever, including a show that lasted almost 20 years (No. 9).

21. Baywatch (1989–2001)

The cast of Baywatch smiling and posing on the beach

The cast of Baywatch | FremantleMedia Enterprises

Long before the 2017 film starring Zac Efron and The Rock, there was a long-running TV series. Baywatch had a fairly simple, yet unfeasible premise: A bunch of beautiful Los Angeles lifeguards were somehow able to run in slow-motion constantly and have dramatic relationships, while saving beachgoers from constant peril well beyond the usual drownings.

The David Hasselhoff-led show was actually canceled by NBC after one season due to poor ratings. But Hoff and company were determined, and managed to bring the series back for 10 more successful seasons in syndication. The hour-long drama racked up quite an international audience, who are hopefully able to see the humor in a parody comedy 16 years later.

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