The Net Worth of the Richest Fox News Anchor Will Shock You

Fox News anchors are a lot of things, but we can’t claim that they aren’t exceptionally popular. For over 20 years, anchors have been offering 24-hour news coverage to Fox viewers that cover everything from global to local news. From The Five to Fox & Friends, folks around the U.S. tune in for news that speaks to them.

These days the Fox News anchors have become celebrities in their own right. From Twitter to Facebook the anchors not only deliver the news — they also interact with their fans on social media. Every day, Fox News fans allow news commentators in their living rooms to provide them with conservative-leaning coverage, and our current administration has only helped lend to their popularity.

Fox News’ high ratings and loyal fan base have made their news anchors extremely wealthy. Check out the net worth of your favorite Fox News anchors — the richest one just might shock you.

15. Greg Gutfeld, $2 million

Greg Gutfeld on The Five

Greg Gutfeld on The Five | Fox News

Greg Gutfeld is the host of the Fox News program, The Greg Gutfeld Show. Before beginning at Fox in 2007, Gutfeld worked as a writer for American Spectator, Prevention, and Men’s Health. He then went on to helm Stuff Magazine and Maxim, but was let go after some poorly done publicity stunts and a lawsuit over some of his articles.

In addition to his Fox News show, he runs a site called The Daily Gut.

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