The Net Worth of the Richest TV News Anchor Will Leave You Stunned

There is a ton going on in the news these days. From politics to hurricanes and other natural disasters, news anchors are busier than ever trying to keep up with all of the information that continuously floods in. It’s no wonder then that anchors are paid pretty well for keeping us all informed.

Though local news anchors probably aren’t garnering the biggest bucks in the business, major names in the news world, whose shows are syndicated across the nation, can pull in millions of dollars. As anchors garner more and more viewership, they can negotiate heftier paychecks. Speaking opportunities, endorsements, and book deals can also add to a news anchor’s net worth.

Still, even if you thought some of your favorite anchors were bringing home the dough, you’ll be shocked by the net worth of the richest news anchor. Find out who it is below.

20. Bill Hemmer, $3 million

Bill Hemmer sitting behind a desk on 'America's Newsroom'.

Bill Hemmer | Fox

The co-anchor of America’s Newsroom has been with Fox News since 2005. Before Fox, Bill Hemmer was a journalist at CNN where he worked for a decade. The 52-year-old brings home an annual paycheck of $400,000, which has added to his $3 million net worth.

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