These Network TV Shows Just Got Canceled

Television is a brutal business.

Great shows are canceled or simply not renewed for another season every single year. It often doesn’t matter whether the show is of good quality or not, it’s all about those ratings. Family Guy is an example of a show that was once canceled, only to return and produce 12 more seasons (and counting).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently got the ax at Fox, prompting upset viewers to take to social media. But Andy Samberg’s hilarious detective spoof was saved, being picked up by NBC for its sixth season. Fans everywhere were relieved, but not every show was so lucky.

Let’s take a quick look at 15 TV shows that just got canceled, including one popular comedy that started off strong (No. 13).

1. Kevin Can Wait

Leah Remini and Kevin James in Kevin Can wait

Kevin Can Wait | CBS

The Kevin James CBS comedy did really well in Season 1, but then they went and made some drastic changes. Erinn Hayes played James’ wife, but was quietly killed off in favor of creating a more prominent role for Leah Remini’s character.

The move was done to play off the success of James and Remini’s previous hit show, The King of Queens, but audiences were split. The ratings went down in Season 2, and CBS got tired of waiting on Kevin Can Wait.

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