Popular TV Shows Audiences Can’t Believe Were Actually Canceled

While audiences appreciate the new shows that pop up every year, it can also be hard to say goodbye to your favorite series as they come to an end. Though every TV comedy or drama has to come to a conclusion at some point, that doesn’t mean it’s easy for fans to say goodbye.

Here are the canceled TV shows we really miss. A major network pulled the plug on a fan-favorite after six successful seasons (page 10). 

1. The Americans

Keri Russell stands in front of Matthew Rhys in a scene

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell portray Russian spies in The Americans. | FX

The Russian spy drama took a bow in March 2018, with its last season giving fans 10 “action-packed” episodes. The Americans‘ co-creator Joe Fields said he’s “known how it was going to wrap for several years,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Fans were sad to see the acclaimed show conclude. But one thing co-stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys can take away from the FX show: their baby boy. The Americans brought them together off-screen, which they can cherish long after the show ends.

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