What the Stars of ‘The Walking Dead’ Look Like in Real Life

The zombie show tries to be realistic while telling its story, but like most shows, it’s not always successful. There are several things about The Walking Dead that don’t make any sense. However, things like makeup and costumes make the characters look gritty, just as they would look if they had to fight for their lives every day. This gritty look involves the characters being covered in blood and guts in order to blend in with the walkers.

It’s clear that the cast doesn’t look glamorous while doing their job. Some stars actually change their looks so much that they are practically unrecognizable off-screen. So what do the cast members really look like? Here is what 25 of the stars of The Walking Dead look like in real life.

1. Andrew Lincoln as Rick

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | AMC, Andrew Lincoln at the premiere of The Walking Dead | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As the lead of the show, the actor has gotten into many messy situations. He also typically has to have longer hair and a bit of facial hair for the role. But during his off time, he seems to keep his look more clean cut.

In fact, after growing a beard for the role and then shaving it, Lincoln’s fellow cast member kept it as a souvenir. “You know what’s crazy is I have his beard in a ziploc bag in my refrigerator,” actor Norman Reedus said at Walker Stalker Con. “True Story.” That seems like a perfectly normal relationship between coworkers!

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