‘Teen Mom 2’: Could David Eason’s Testimony Hurt The Couple’s Chances of Regaining Custody of their Kids?

It’s probably a good thing that Jenelle Evans and David Eason are unemployed at the moment. The couple has spent the majority of the last two months in court, and there seems to be no end in sight. Evans, 27 and Eason, 30, are fighting to regain custody of three of their five children. As the case moves forward, the couple’s lawyers are making some risky decisions. Not only did the legal team spend time discussing a criminal record that may or may not exist, but now it looks like Eason will be taking the stand.

David Eason started his testimony on July 1

According to The Ashley, David Eason was called to the stand in the last few minutes of Monday’s hearing. The couple arrived in court at 2 pm, and most of the hearing centered around Evans’ testimony. In the last few moments, Eason was called to testify, but allegedly he only spoke with his lawyer. The Ashley’s alleged insider claimed his lawyer asked him just a few questions before court as adjourned. The questions were intended to paint the gun-toting father of three in a positive light.

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The prosecution was not given the opportunity to question Eason, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to. Both Evans and Eason were spotted heading into court early on Wednesday morning. If Monday’s hearing did leave off with Eason on the stand, Wednesday’s hearing will likely continue with his testimony. The prosecution will most likely have a chance to question him.

Why is David Eason’s testimony risky?

Jenelle’s testimony on July 1 was apparently heavily focused on her defense. According to Radar, the mother of three took the stand pretty much right away and spent the majority of her time under oath defending her actions. A judge reportedly told Evans’ early in the court proceedings that she failed to protect her children. Evans, however, was not the catalyst for having the children removed. Eason’s brutal attack on the family’s French bulldog, Nugget, prompted CPS to take action.

David taking the stand is a risky move by his defense, considering all that is known about the North Carolina-based father. Eason’s short temper is well-documented through media reports and personal videos. He has taken to social media to rant on a series of topics. Several 911 recordings have also been released. They depict a man who has serious anger issues. If the prosecution goes after the father hard with questions, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that he will lose his temper on the stand.

Eason’s legal team has likely coached him on what he should and should not do during his testimony. Still, it is hard to predict how he will react to tough questioning. According to several media outlets, Eason was not expected to testify in the case, but a change in the judge presiding over the case may have altered the defense’s strategy.

What evidence is likely to be used against the troubled couple?

CPS removed Kaiser Griffith, now five, from the home in early May. A few days later, Maryssa Eason, 11 and Ensley Eason, 2, were placed with temporary guardians. According to reports, CPS noted filthy conditions in the family home, and several witnesses have testified that arguments, screaming, and violence was not uncommon inside the house the children shared with Evans and Eason. Twenty-five 911 calls either from the property or about the family were received by dispatchers over the last 12 months.

Testimony from witnesses, CPS reports and the transcripts from the 911 calls will likely be used by the state to paint a picture of an unstable and dangerous living environment. Maryssa also allegedly took the stand last week to tell the court what she saw and experienced while living in the home.

It is rumored that she admitted to being told to lie to the authorities if they ever came to the home. Barbara Evans and Nathan Griffith are also expected to testify.

MTV producers and camera crew members are not expected to take the stand in the case. It is also unlikely that footage obtained while filming Teen Mom 2 would be deemed admissible in court.