The 1 Worst TV Show From Every Major Network and Streaming Service

Every network and streaming service has at least one show that is a total misfire. That’s especially the case on network TV, although our favorite cable channels and streaming services occasionally produce a stinker, too.

A lot of these horrifically bad shows get canceled quickly, but some are still airing right now. Let’s look at the absolute worst shows — that haven’t been officially canceled yet — on each major network and streaming service. One of the most terrible shows on TV features a disappointed Hollywood star (page 9).

1. NBC: Marlon

Marlon Wayans in Marlon

Marlon | NBC

NBC doesn’t have anything too egregiously awful on the air right now — at least not since it canceled Taken. But compared to its other shows, Marlon has not received great reviews, as it holds a 50% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In his review for The Hollywood Reporter, Daniel Fienberg argued the show’s biggest issue is simply too much Marlon. “In giving himself a vehicle that showcases a lot of the things he does very well, Wayans has made a family comedy in which the family contributes almost nothing and is consistently fading into the background behind an oversized lead performance.”

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