‘The Bachelor’: The Most Hated Contestants of All Time

There have been many ladies who came on The Bachelor to find love. Of course, most of them failed and were sent home with a broken heart. But while some bowed out tearfully and humbly, there were many who caused a lot of drama.

The show has had many villains throughout its runtime who refused to play by the rules, make friends, or hold their tongue. This of course, led to many fans hating these contestants. So who are these memorable women?

Here are 10 of the most hated contestants in The Bachelor history.

1. Michelle Money

Brad Womack kissing Michelle Money's hand

Michelle Money and Brad Womack on The Bachelor | ABC

The hair stylist tried to find love with Brad Womack. As time went on, she would talk badly about the women to Brad. She also became physically aggressive with him and would try to tell him when to send girls home.

Things got really nasty on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, when many of the other contestants were able to confront Michelle about her behavior. “Watching it now, I am equating you to a spider, you are creepy and it’s scary,” said Jackie Gordon. Stacey Queripel also accused Michelle of not putting her daughter first by leaving her in order to do the show.

Michelle tried to find love again on Bachelor in Paradise and is now trying to act.

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