The Biggest Celebrity Wedding Disasters Ever

Marriages don’t exactly last very long in Hollywood. However, because celebrities typically have never-ending resources and are used to the best that money can offer, their weddings tend to be top-notch and full of the glitz and glamour. Still, celebrities are human beings, which means, like anyone else, they are prone to mishaps, mistakes, and outright disasters.

From saying the wrong name at the altar to losing teeth, here are some of the biggest celebrity wedding disasters ever. Luckily, these wedding hiccups didn’t necessarily mean the entire wedding was a wash.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson with their two children.

They made a few mistakes in front of everyone. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

When they wed in 2014, fashion designer Jessica Simpson and her hunky hubby, Eric Johnson, had already been together for quite some time. In fact, they already had two babies together, a son, Ace, and a daughter, Maxwell. Still, that didn’t stop their nerves from getting the best of them on their big day.

Johnson got super choked up while reciting his vows, but Simpson made the biggest snafu. According to E! News, “She was so overwhelmed that instead of addressing Eric, she said her own name! Luckily, she laughed it off and started over again.”

We’re just happy that the couple was and still is very happy.

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