The Most Hated Celebrities on Social Media in 2018

Social media can allow fans to get to know their favorite celebrities and see into their personal lives. This could be a good thing but it can also easily backfire, even leading to some stars being pronounced dead on social media. Many fans turned on celebrities after they dissed other famous people, shared controversial statements, and more. But who got the most heat in 2018?

These 15 celebrities angered fans this year, either from their posts or what they did in real life. Here are the most hated celebrities on social media, ranked from least to most hated.

15. Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell in a black suit and dark tie on a red carpet.

Stephen Amell | Caroline McCredie/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

The Arrow star angered many when he decided to tweet after Beyoncé Knowles’ first performance at Coachella. He tweeted, “Heading to Coachella. When Beyonce gets on stage I’ll be watching*. * – The #AndreTheGiant documentary at home because I left 20 minutes before she comes on.”

Some took this tweet as an insult to the singer, so Amell later responded to an angry Twitter user, saying, “I think Beyonce is amazing. This was about traffic. We were home to watch Destiny’s Child come out and be fantastic. Just relax.”

But this didn’t stop there. He later followed up with “BTW – let’s do a hypothetical and say I WAS insulting Beyonce. Peoples capacity to take a tiny slight and fire back with deeply personal tweets is alarming. What a bunch of f*cking losers.”

Someone ended up calling his character the Walmart Batman and he also added that description to his Twitter profile.

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