The Most Shocking Things Prince Philip Has Ever Said

Prince Philip may be a royal, but his comments over the years make him seem anything but. He seems to lack any sense of a filter and says whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Maybe we can blame his insensitivity on his old age now, but he’s warranted putting his foot in his mouth for most of his life.

No matter the topic, the prince will manage to find a way to make you cringe. Here’s a look back at the 15 most shocking things Philip has ever said.

1. ‘Ghastly’

Prince Charles standing in front of young soldiers.

He always uses this specific word. | Yui Mok/AFP/Getty Images

Philip has a habit of referring to things he doesn’t approve of as “ghastly.” For example, he referred to Beijing as such during a tour of China in 1986.

Then in 1997, he described Stoke-on-Trent as ghastly to the city’s own Member of Parliament, Joan Walley.

Next: This comment can only be described as racist.

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