‘The Voice’: Did Gwen Stefani Get the Job Because of Blake Shelton?

Gwen Stefani is headed back to be a coach on NBC’s reality music competition, The Voice. Although we know she’s thrilled to have the chance to work with her boyfriend Blake Shelton again, she’s also sad that it’s due to Adam Levine leaving the show. But, did she land the job because of her relationship with Shelton?

Gwen Stefani has an impressive music career

Gwen Stefani
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Stefani is a musical powerhouse all on her own. As the lead singer and founding member of the band No Doubt she landed a spot on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart. No Doubt’s singles have been extremely popular and she has even gone on to have a successful solo career. Overall, she’s sold more than 30 million records and has recently been playing during a residency in Las Vegas.

She has won a handful of Grammy awards for her singing and songwriting and been nominated for numerous more. She has plenty of musical talent to warrant her a spot as a coach on the singing show with or without the support of Shelton.

Gwen Stefani was a judge on ‘The Voice’ before

Not only is she a musically sound choice for her gig as a coach on The Voice, but she’s been on the show in the past. Stefani held down a position as coach in 2014 for the show’s seventh season. She returned in season 9 and again in season 12. This season, after the departure of Levine, she will be reprising her role as coach and returning for season 17, which will air in the fall of 2019.

Her past experiences were successful on The Voice, so they had no reason not to consider inviting her to return. Her original role on the show in season 7 was a direct result of Levine’s encouragement, so there’s quite a bit of irony in her taking his place. It’s “bittersweet” for both Stefani and fans of the show

Blake Shelton’s role on ‘The Voice’

Shelton, who has been a coach on The Voice since its very first season is coming back again for season 17 to sit alongside Stefani. He’s mentored seven contestants to thewinner’s circle in the show and is definitely a force to be reckoned with. He’s also the only coach to have had a winner on his team for three seasons in a row. He’s kind of a big deal. 

Shelton has kept fans entertained season after season by playing up his bromance with co-coach Levine. Now that Levine is leaving the show, it has been speculated that he will need to capitalize on his relationship with Stefani to keep fans interested in the show’s dynamics.

Did Gwen Stefani return to ‘The Voice’ because of Blake Shelton’s influence?

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So, we’re left with the big question. Did Stefani get an invitation to return simply because of Shelton’s role on the show? Fans may never know. Sources have suggested that producers want to continue to cash in on the romance between Stefani and Shelton and, in order to do so, have offered the couple large sums of money to remain on the show.

Additionally, it’s possible the NBC wants to see more of Shelton and Stefani’s romance unfold on screen. Rumors have been tossed around speculating about the idea of Shelton proposing to Stefani during a live episode.

Gwen Stefani is back in action on ‘The Voice’

Although we don’t think it was just nepotism that landed her the role in season seventeen, we can’t be certain. There’s a lot of star power tied up in the relationship between Stefani and Shelton, and it is clear the show wanted to cash in on that. Regardless of the reason, fans are looking forward to watching the competition unfold this fall on NBC.