The Worst HGTV Shows Ever

HGTV is home to some of reality TV’s most beloved shows. From Fixer Upper to Flip or Flop, fans can’t get enough of their favorite hosts and their even more amazing home renovations.

However, not all HGTV shows are winners. In fact, we’d probably change the channel to literally anything else if these shows were on. Here’s everything we deem unwatchable on HGTV, leading up to the network’s No. 1 worst show.

15. House Hunters

House Hunters showing

This show is popular but completely fake. | House Hunters via Facebook

Sure, House Hunters may be one of the most popular shows on HGTV — but that doesn’t make it good. For starters, at least one of the prospective buyers always has some annoying hangup about every home. From complaining about wall color to the search for the perfect “man cave,” their commentary is more cringe-worthy than entertaining.

Plus, it’s tough to watch knowing the entire show is fake. Not only is the series scripted (according to a past House Hunters homebuyer), but the homes they’re touring aren’t even on the market. They’ve already chosen a home prior to filming, making sitting through their unreasonable requests not even close to worth it.

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