The Worst TV Shows Ever Made

There’s no shortage of television shows.

With cable, streaming platforms, and primetime, the variety is vast, and television shows have never been better. However, the TV industry has let a few lemons slip through the cracks over the years. Whether they were shows with implausible plots, terrible writing, or even some A-list talent with very little to work with many of these shows left both critics and audiences befuddled.

Some of these shows are so bad that you’ll wonder how they got made in the first place, including one show that everyone wanted to stay a classic movie (No. 18).

30. Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told | Colleen Hayes/NBC

  • Network: NBC | Number of Seasons: 1

Comedy is challenging to write, and the jokes have to be spot on to hold an audience’s attention. When Truth Be Told aired in 2015, it looked promising. The series followed a pair of couples were best friends and neighbors. The show was loosely based on the life of creator and executive producer D. J. Nash. Unfortunately, real-life is not that interesting unless it’s done well and Truth Be Told did not hit the nail on the head.

Instead, it descended into the world of the dull and beige in a television industry that is increasingly colorful and sharp.

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