These TV Shows Got Canceled So Fast, You’ve Probably Already Forgotten Them

Television is a massive business, so it’s no surprise that networks and studios spend a ton of money putting out content, marketing it, and getting it to their consumers. However, despite excellent concepts, witty scripts and great talent attached, things don’t always pan out once the TV shows hit the air. Sometimes brilliant series like My So-Called Life, Firefly, and Arrested Development just don’t gain the audiences needed to justify their cost.

However, some TV shows were pretty disastrous from the jump. From poorly conceived reboots to altogether troubling concepts, these TV shows were canceled so fast, you probably forgot they existed at all.

Joey, NBC

Joey Tribianni sitting on a leather couch.

Joey | NBC

On air for a decade, people fell in love with the New York-set sitcom Friends, which followed a group of six BFFs as they made their way through life. Once the show ended in 2004, NBC set its sights on a spin-off starring Matt LeBlanc’s infamous character Joey Tribbiani.

After two seasons of struggling ratings, the show vanished from the airwaves, and quite frankly we haven’t thought about it since. LeBlanc later admitted that the series was “doomed from the start.”

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