These TV Shows Should Never, Ever Be Revived

The trend of reviving shows that ended long ago has gotten completely out of control. At first, it was nice to see shows like Arrested Development and Twin Peaks be brought back for more since, in those cases, there was room for additional story. But now, it’s gotten the point where networks are just rummaging through archives to pick out any random show to bring back instead of creating anything new.

Now, it’s safe to assume that if there’s a show that was once popular at any point in time, a network is currently having a conversation about reviving it. But some shows are better left in the past.

These are the TV series that we really hope don’t return.

1. The Office

Jim and Michael at a desk on The Office

John Krasinski and Steve Carell on The Office | NBC

The Office has only been off the air for about five years, yet there is now talk of a revival. That is a jaw-droppingly terrible idea. After all, The Office already went on for far too long. The two painful seasons after Steve Carell’s departure were so bad, they nearly tarnished the show’s legacy forever. Despite that, the writers were able to pull off a fairly satisfying finale. Continuing the story would only rob the finale of any impact.

Plus, it appears that the majority of cast members — including Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Mindy Kaling, and Ed Helms — would not return, meaning any kind of a revival would barely even be The Office at all.

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