This ‘Manifest’ On-Set Photo Teases a Season 3 Mystery

The creative minds behind Manifest are pros when it comes to stoking excitement. And they have done so again with a photo tease from the set of season 3. [Spoiler warning: The following article contains details about Manifest Season 2.]

Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Luna Blaise, and Matt Long of 'Manifest'
Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Luna Blaise, and Matt Long of ‘Manifest’ | Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

‘Manifest’ Season 3 will dive into the Flight 828 tailfin mystery

Based on some very juicy tidbits that the cast and crew have shared, Manifest Season 3 will unravel more of the mystery of Flight 828. And much of that story will revolve around the season 2 cliffhanger.

Showrunner Jeff Rake explained the plot twist in a Manifest Season 2 recap video. “In the very last sequence of season 2, Ben’s Calling showed him Flight 828 exploding over water,” Rake summarized. “After which we saw Flight 828’s tail fin dredged up out of the ocean. It is a metaphysical impossibility. We saw the plane land in New York and later, blow up on the tarmac, right?”

In a later Manifest spoilers video, Rake later told fans that two characters will investigate the tailfin oddity. “Ben and Saanvi do a deep dive on the Montego Air tailfin that was recovered in the season 2 finale,” explained Rake.

‘Manifest’ shared a snapshot of Josh Dallas and the Tailfin

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In true Manifest fashion, the crew tweeted an intriguing glimpse of season 3. In the snapshot, Ben portrayer Josh Dallas stands in front of the mangled Montego Air Flight 828 tailfin. The caption reads, “What’s that you’ve got there, Josh Dallas?”

Dallas had plenty to say about said tailfin in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald. “That tail fin will — if that’s indeed what it’s called [Laughs] will open up a whole new labyrinth of the mythology of Flight 828 and what happened to these passengers,” revealed Dallas. “So, it will push us on a whole new journey into that world, and of course, we will be getting into more and more of these characters’ lives and how they’re operating in the world. And we’re in for some exciting things in season 3.”

Jeff Rake shared several images from the season 3 premiere

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Rake has helped fuel the frenzy surrounding Manifest Season 3 with photos from the set of the show. The images he shared on Twitter provide hints about what to expect in the premiere.

On day one of production, from an exterior location, Rake teased, “Sunshine. Kids. Somewhere….” Rake’s tweet on day two promised, “Heavy machinery required.” He followed up on day three from the fictional home of the Stone family with a nostalgic caption reading, “Home sweet home.” And on day four, the sentimentality continued with an image of the Stone family portraits and a caption about “photographs and memories.”

‘Manifest’ will return in 2021

NBC plans to drop Manifest Season 3 early in 2021. Until the show returns, subscribers can catch previous episodes on Peacock TV.

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