These Celebrities Refuse to Get Divorced

Not everyone in Hollywood gets a divorce.

There aren’t very high expectations of celebrity marriages. That’s because there have been many celebrity couples who got married on a whim only to divorce in less than a year. So when celebrity couples manage to make it decades it’s actually pretty amazing.

These 25 celebrity couples definitely know what it takes to make a marriage last. But what are Hollywood’s longest marriages? We’ve narrowed the list down from over 200 couples to find the 25 longest-lasting celebrity marriages, ranked in order with No. 1 lasting the longest.

Most people are surprised to learn that No. 13 is still alive, let alone still married to the same person.

25. Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, since 1999

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld take a picture together in front of a brick wall.

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The comedian starred on Seinfeld for years, a TV show that followed a version of Jerry Seinfeld as he was looking for love. None of those relationships worked out due to the character’s picky ways. But in real life, Seinfeld maintains a love life that is much more stable than most relationships.

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld met at the gym. Jessica Seinfeld then reportedly left her first husband for the comedian and the two got married in 1999. They have three children named Sascha, Shepherd, and Julian. Although Jerry Seinfeld often hosts Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, their family is pretty private.

Jessica Seinfeld is a cookbook writer and founder of GOOD+ Foundation. Over the years she has run into people who are just trying to access her husband. “Over the years there have been various people who think being in a relationship with me either personally or professionally means total access to my husband, for their personal and professional fulfillment,” she told The New York Times. “Those people have been disappointed in me. I think it is safe to say that I am slow to warm, cautious and careful.”

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