TV Shows That Definitely Deserve a Revival

TV reboots were already all the rage heading into 2018, thanks to the success of shows like Fuller House and Will & Grace. But then, in March 2018, Roseanne returned to ABC and became an unprecedented television phenomenon.

If you thought revivals were getting out of hand before, just wait; the number of shows returning to the airwaves is about to increase tenfold. Not all of these shows, unfortunately, will really deserve more episodes.

However, there are some shows that we really do hope return.

1. The West Wing

The West Wing

The West Wing | NBC

Has there ever been a better time for the return of The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin’s classic series with an extraordinarily optimistic view on American politics?

In a dark and divisive period in history, it would be cathartic to dive back into the world created by Sorkin, which is a far cry from the nihilistic perspective posed by shows like House of Cards and Veep. In The West Wing, just about every character working in the White House is there because they truly believe in making a difference in people’s lives.

A revival storyline could easily focus on a new president with some of the original cast serving in his administration and President Bartlet having a recurring role. And it sounds like a realistic possibility, with creator Aaron Sorkin having expressed interest.

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