TV Shows That Got Axed by Netflix and Amazon

When it comes to canceling TV shows, Netflix and Amazon generally have a slower trigger finger than traditional broadcast networks. But that doesn’t mean that all of their original comedies and dramas have managed to avoid the chopping block. As each company continues to grow their lineup of new TV shows, they have started to become choosier about which shows they renew and which they give up on altogether.

These titles, though not necessarily low-rated or badly reviewed, unfortunately failed to make the cut. Below, check out 18 TV shows that got axed by Netflix and Amazon, including a popular show that’s been making headlines for all the wrong reasons (No. 10).

1. Hemlock Grove

The cast of Netflix's Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove | Netflix

Hemlock Grove was one of Netflix’s earliest original titles, premiering just a couple of months after the acclaimed House of Cards. It proved to be a big misstep. The show was universally panned, with critics slamming the series for its poor acting and painfully slow pace. Time Magazine even named it one of the worst 10 shows on television in 2013.

Despite the widely criticized freshman season, Netflix didn’t pull the plug right away. The company gave the series two more seasons before canceling it. The show officially ended its run in 2015.

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