Popular TV Shows That Barely Avoided Getting Axed

Though tons of shows get axed every year, only some are lucky enough to bounce back from (or in some cases, just barely avoid) cancellation. Case in point? In 2016, Supergirl and Nashville (formerly on CBS and ABC, respectively) were both able to secure their next seasons by moving to different channels.

But they’re not the only TV shows that jumped networks during their time on air. Below, check out 14 shows that got a second chance on a new channel.

1. Supergirl


Supergirl | CBS

Supergirl moved from CBS to whe CW for its sophomore season last year, following months of speculation. The move followed reports that the show was in jeopardy after CBS and Warner Bros. had reached a stalemate in negotiations over the show’s $3 million per-episode price tag. The former apparently felt that the hefty costs weren’t justified by Season 1’s ratings (the show lost around half of its initial 13 million viewers over the course of the season).

As negotiations dragged on, there was talk that CBS head Les Moonves could move Supergirl to its network branch The CW, which already has an established lineup of DC Comic series, including Arrow and The Flash. The move was finally confirmed in mid-May 2016. Supergirl has since moved production to Vancouver to cut down budget costs and help facilitate crossovers with the other DC shows.

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