10 TV Shows You’ll Want to Binge Watch in 2017

The arrival of DVD box sets, DVR units, and now streaming services have revolutionized the way in which viewers consume television. Gone are the days when you were forced to make it home in time for the live airing of your favorite show or be sure to remember to set up the timer on your VCR (yup, remember those?). Instead, what was once experienced piecemeal can now be taken in as quickly as the viewer desires. It’s now common practice to watch an entire season of a series over the course of a weekend, with Netflix original content perhaps the best example of this recent phenomenon.

The year ahead will no doubt only see this trend continue to strengthen and develop, as sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu continue to develop new and exciting series. However, for this list, we’re looking at a variety of new series premiering this year on a combination of traditional networks, cable networks, and streaming services. So let’s take a look at the shows we’ll be talking about in 2017.

1. The Young Pope (HBO, January 15)

The Young Pope

Jude Law in The Young Pope | HBO

This provocative new drama series stars Jude Law as the youngest man to ever be named Pope of the Catholic Church. The show — from creator Paolo Sorrentino — weaves in elements of black comedy among its gifted cast, also including Diane Keaton and James Cromwell.