People on Twitter Really Want You to Know How Much They Don’t Trust Fox News

After Twitter users were done expressing their distrust in Donald Trump, they went after one of Trump’s favorite television stations. Fox News has had its share of controversies over the years. Bill O’Reilly has been the worst of the worst, but let’s not forget just how deceitful that the far-right, self-described “entertainment news” station has been over the last few decades.

The hashtag #ThingsITrustMoreThanFoxNews went trending on Twitter, and the replies ranged from disgusting to outrageous to downright hysterical. We took the best of the best from the hilarious hashtag and compiled it for your viewing pleasure.

20. A fake magazine from Spongebob

a Tweet of Fake Science Magazine

A fake magazine from Spongebob | Foxy Grandma via Twitter

It’s all good for laughs until you’re the one being mauled by a sea-bear.

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