Why ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Think Meri Brown Should Move On from Kody

Should Meri Brown from Sister Wives move on from her plural marriage to Kody Brown? Some fans think it’s time for her to live her own, independent life.

The 48-year-old mom of one does seem to be forging her own path as of late. She’s started her own bed and breakfast, recently left Kody at home when she went on a Caribbean cruise, and has been posting motivational messages on Instagram, like this quote from Ayn Rand: “The question isn’t ‘Who’s going to let me,’ it’s ‘who’s going to stop me?” To some, it all adds up to Meri being done with her husband and her sister wives and ready to do her own thing.

Is Meri ready to leave Kody?

Meri is Kody Brown’s first wife, but the two haven’t been legally married since 2014, when they divorced so he could marry Robyn and adopt her kids. Meri remained in the plural marriage, but there were signs things were not going well. In 2015, she began an online relationship with another man. But eventually, she learned she was being catfished and that the person she’d been talking to was actually a woman.  

When Meri went on the LuLaRoe cruise in late March, her Instagram followers couldn’t help but notice that she seemed to be having the time of her life. She posted smiling photos from gorgeous beaches, and seemed to be hanging out with other men. She looked relaxed and happy.

Sister Wives cast
Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Kody Brown, Meri Brown and Robyn Brown | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

“It’s great to see you smile again,” wrote one commenter on a post she shared of herself standing on a cruise ship balcony. “You look so happy and healthy!” wrote another.

“Hope you start your own show and get away from Kody Brown,” another chimed in.

Fans have also noticed that Meri and Kody don’t seem to interact with each other on social media. While Meri said she was committed to the marriage in a recent tell-all, some think the couple are putting on a show for the cameras. The theory is that in real life, Meri barely interacts with the rest of the family.

Fans think Kody doesn’t appreciate Meri

Some Sister Wives watchers don’t think Kody appreciates his first wife, who he married in 1990, and with whom he has one daughter.

While Meri did move with the rest of the family from Las Vegas to their new compound in Arizona, she didn’t seem very enthusiastic about relocating, admitting in an Instagram post that she misses Nevada and that Flagstaff “doesn’t feel like home yet,” even though she’s lived there for a year. And in a recent Sister Wives episode, Kody said to Meri of the move: “It feels like we’re moving on without you.”

Many fans seem baffled that Meri stays in the relationship, especially since they think Kody is now almost totally focused on  his fourth wife Robyn. “Kody is such a jerk … you deserve so much better,” wrote one fan on Meri’s post about missing Vegas. “Kody says Meri is selfish, No, its kody that’s selfish!/ Kody doesn’t show anybody but Robyn any attention!” commented another person on one of Meri’s recent posts.

Others calls Meri’s situation “toxic” and said that Kody had an “arrogant attitude” toward his first wife.  

However, at least one person thinks that fans who want Meri to leave Kody will be waiting for a long time. Meri’s friend Jess Harmon shared some insider information Meri and Kody’s relationship on one of the sister wife’s cruise-related posts. She wrote: “Maybe at some point, people will realize she isn’t leaving Kody; and leave her alone.”

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