‘Twisted Sisters’: Detectives Discover a Crucial Piece of Evidence in This Exclusive Clip from Monday’s Episode

How far would you go to help a sister? One woman finds out when her older sister asks for her help covering up a deadly crime in an upcoming episode of Investigation Discovery’s Twisted Sisters, airing Monday, October 14 at 10/9c. 

A missing husband and a suspicious wife

dead end sign
Dead End road sign | Tim Graham/Getty Images

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and police in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are following up on a tip about a body of a man that’s been dumped on a dead-end street. 

The discovery of the dead man will eventually lead police to “uncover the story of Eve Nance and her philandering husband Timothy. When Timothy is reported missing by his wife Eve, police suspect foul play. The investigation eventually leads to Eve and her best friend in the world, who happens to also be her sister, Tina Ewell,” according to Investigation Discovery’s description of the episode, entitled “Blood in the Snow.”

Police discover a crucial piece of evidence

In this exclusive clip from Monday’s episode, law enforcement officers discuss the moment when they discovered a crucial piece of evidence — a bullet in the drain of a bathtub in Eve Nance’s home.  

“We’ve got the whole crime scene unit from the state of Wisconsin down at the house,” an officer involved in the investigation says in the clip. “We’re looking for anything with biological matter on it. We’re looking for anything.” 

Eventually, a detective on the scene makes an astonishing discovery, the officer explains: “At some point, [he] calls me and says, ‘Hey, are you sitting down?’ And he says, ‘We found the bullet … we found the bullet in the J-trap underneath the tub. It’s in perfect condition, it’s not fragmented, but it looks like a small-caliber bullet.’” 

“I thought they were kidding,” says Detective Steve Kaufman of the Fond Du Lac police department. “That was a huge game-changer.” 

That discovery eventually helps police piece together what really happened to Timothy Nance, as well as the role his wife Eve and her sister Tina played in his disappearance. 

“These sisters were close,” an officer explains during the episode. “They did everything together.”

‘Twisted Sisters’ is produced by Khloé Kardashian

Twisted Sisters is from 44 Blue Productions with Khloé Kardashian as one of the executive producers. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star calls herself “a huge true-crime fan” and said before the season 2 premiere that she was “thrilled” that the Investigation Discovery decided to continue the show.

“This series shows how strong the bonds between sisters really are but how twisted they can become when they’re triggered by jealousy,” she said in a statement. 

Previous episodes this season have explored other cases of crimes involving sisters, including the case of Diane Hart, a woman who, with the help of her older sister, hired a man she believed was a hitman to kill her husband, and Betty Jo Fowler, who murdered her sister-in-law by running her over with her minivan. Another episode explored the case of Dorothea Beck, an elderly woman charged with murdering her twin sister Mary in 1995.

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