Twitter Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over the Connection Between ‘Tangled’ and Predicting Coronavirus

With the exception of people who lived through the Spanish flu of 1918, almost no one could have predicted the worldwide calamity of the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic of 2020. Except now observant Twitter users have a very interesting theory about the whole thing.

They’re saying that Disney may have predicted coronavirus with the 2010 animated film, Tangled. Could it be true?

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

‘Tangled’ is Disney’s version of Rapunzel

The movie Tangled tells the story of the young maiden Rapunzel who gets locked in a tower by a woman named Mother Gothel who’s pretending to be her mother. In reality, long-haired Rapunzel was kidnapped from the king and queen of the land when Gothel realized her mane had magical properties. Gothel keeps the princess Rapunzel locked in a tower, saying it’s for her own protection.

Like so many Disney movies, the tale is an adaptation of a classic Brothers Grimm fairytale. But Disney took certain liberties with the storytelling. Fans on social media are flipping out because filmmakers named the village in the film Corona.

Creepy, right?

Twitter users are convinced ‘Tangled’ predicted coronavirus

There’s a very good chance that the coronavirus-Tangled connection is one huge coincidence. But with Twitter users sitting at home bored, they seem intent on finding a deeper connection.

“So the movie from Disney Tangled the girl is not allowed out of the castle. The kingdom is called Corona. Coincidence!! I don’t think so,” one person said.

Another agreed, saying, “Corona is an island kingdom and the birthplace of Rapunzel in Disney’s 2010 animated feature film, Tangled. After a significant period of isolation it is also where Rapunzel met her future husband/prince. Just saying.”

Someone else put it all together succinctly, explaining, “The movie ‘Tangled’ which featured Rapunzel (AKA The Queen of Quarantine) was a girl who was locked up by her over protective mother, in a secluded tower on an island.

Brace yourself…

That island was called ‘Corona.’”

There’s a live-action ‘Tangled’ in the works

Recent live-action adaptions in the Disney catalog include Aladdin, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid. It was only a matter of time before they decided to remake Tangled.

Mandy Moore originally did the voiceover work for Rapunzel but in the live version, Florence Pugh will portray the long-haired princess. The Black Widow actress looks the part with her blonde locks plus is talented at singing and playing guitar. In short, she’s the perfect person to play the secluded princess.

Disney is helping fans make it through the coronavirus quarantine

With so many children home from school and adults home from work, people are starting to feel incredibly pent-up in their homes. Disney is helping ease that burden by releasing Frozen 2 to Disney+ a full three months ahead of schedule.

There are also rumors that Mulan and New Mutants could come directly to streaming and skip their theatrical releases, which have already been delayed due to the pandemic. It’s a strange new world that only Rapunzel was prepared for.