Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Follows a Potentially Dangerous Diet to Stay Focused

Celebrities go to great lengths to drop weight. From eating seaweed as a snack to skipping food altogether, famous people will try just about anything to maintain their figure. Many embrace sensible eating habits and exercise. But there are certain celebs who think nothing of doing crazy things to stay in shape.

One of the unhealthiest among these is Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. When it comes to potentially dangerous dieting techniques, he might take the cake (and not eat it).

Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey | Louis Ascui/Fairfax Media via Getty Images

Jack Dorsey earned billions because of his work ethic

Dorsey rose to fame for founding one of the preeminent social media sites. The computer programmer and entrepreneur has always been driven and dedicated, which explains how he was able to go from an average upbringing in Missouri to the co-founder of one of the most successful companies in America.

Currently, the CEO and co-founder of Twitter has an estimated net worth of $5.1 billion.

He’s extremely strict with his diet

Dorsey has a lean build that he is obsessive about maintaining. And even though intermittent fasting is a huge trend in the dieting world right now, some fans are concerned that Dorsey takes things a step too far.

For example, Dorsey only eats one meal per day. Business Insider reported that each day of the week, he fasts until 6:30 p.m. and then finally allows himself a protein (fish, chicken, or steak) with a side of vegetables (arugula or spinach salad, asparagus or Brussels sprouts). Then he eats dessert consisting of mixed berries or dark chocolate.

Dorsey consumes his daily allotment of food in a small window of time, never eating past 9 p.m.

Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The Twitter CEO never eats on weekends

While some dieters use weekends as an excuse to indulge a little bit and relax on the rules, Dorsey takes the exact opposite approach. On Saturday and Sunday, Dorsey completely abstains from eating until breaking his fast Sunday evenings with bone broth and red wine.

“It really has increased my appreciation for food and taste because I’m deprived of it for so long during the day,” Dorsey explained during a podcast interview.

He says extreme fasting helps him focus

Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey | Kimberly White/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

While some medical professionals believe Dorsey’s diet is unhealthy, he claims he’s seen excellent benefits from frequent fasting.

During the podcast interview, Dorsey admitted that his regimented approach helps him feel alert, focused, and have better sleep. But at least one medical professional said his method of eating is unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

“Yes, that is disordered,” said Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani, who specializes in eating disorders, told Business Insider. “Humans are mammals that need certain amounts of food and fluid to maintain our physiological species and energy to do things we want to do in the world.”

Eating this way even makes Dorsey uncomfortable

Even Dorsey admitted his body had a hard time adjusting to the extreme restrictions. “The first time I did it, like day three, I felt like I was hallucinating,” Dorsey said during the interview. “It was a weird state to be in.”

Dorsey may have had a stroke of genius to create a social media platform like Twitter, but when it comes to eating habits, you’re better off following your doctor’s advice instead of his.