People on Twitter Really Want You to Know How Much They Don’t Trust Fox News

After Twitter users were done expressing their distrust in Donald Trump, they went after one of Trump’s favorite television stations. Fox News has had its share of controversies over the years. Bill O’Reilly has been the worst of the worst, but let’s not forget just how deceitful that the far-right, self-described “entertainment news” station has been over the last few decades.

The hashtag #ThingsITrustMoreThanFoxNews went trending on Twitter, and the replies ranged from disgusting to outrageous to downright hysterical. We took the best of the best from the hilarious hashtag and compiled it for your viewing pleasure.

20. A fake magazine from Spongebob

a Tweet of Fake Science Magazine

A fake magazine from Spongebob | Foxy Grandma via Twitter

It’s all good for laughs until you’re the one being mauled by a sea-bear.

19. Dogs and pizza

A Tweet of a dog eating pizza

This dog is totally gonna eat this pizza. | Victor Stoddard via Twitter

You really shouldn’t let your dog guard your pizza. But unlike Fox News, dogs and pizza are both good things.

18. Lucy and her football

A Tweet of Lucy from the Peanuts

Lucy never let Charlie Brown kick the football. | noslent via Twitter

Oh, Charlie Brown. You always let her talk you into attempting to kick that football. You blockhead!

17. Snoop and Willie

A Tweet of Snoop Dogg and Willie

Don’t trust Snoop and Willie. | Sherri Shavon via Twitter

This is kind of a repeat of the dog and pizza thing. Not the best to trust them, but the only bad thing is still Fox News.

16. An actual fox

A Tweet about Fox News

Getting news from a fox? | Anthony via Twitter

We want this to happen, if only to finally learn what the fox says.

15. Any major news source

Tweet about Fox News

Just about any real news source is more trustworthy. | #RemoveTrump via Twitter

This pretty much covers every news source. Fox News should be listed as entertainment at this point.

14. A scam artist

A Tweet about scam artist Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff was the worst. | Plant Based Karen via Twitter

Trusting Fox News is the intellectual version of flushing all your money down the toilet. Only instead of money, common sense.

13. Chris Christie

A Tweet about Chris Christie

It’s hard to feel bad for Chris Christie. | Patrick Bateman via Twitter

Poor Chris Christie, he thought attaching himself to Trump would help his career. Instead, he just remains the nation’s most-hated Governor.

12. Dr. Scissorhands

A Tweet about Edward Scissorhands

Don’t let this guy anywhere near you. | Keep2020Alive via Twitter

OK, maybe trusting Fox News first would be a better idea than this … even if it’s still a bad idea.

11. Fake Microsoft

A Tweet about Microsoft

Don’t believe this, ever. | Phillip Brown via Twitter

Next, you’ll be telling me that you’re from some government agency and I’ve been awarded grant money.

10. Jon Stewart

A Tweet about Jon Stewart

Everyone misses Jon Stewart a bit. | Derek via Twitter

Us too, Derek. Us too.

9. Questionable salads

A Tweet about McDonald's

Who goes to McDonald’s for a salad? | Chris Penning via Twitter

Seriously, why McDonald’s? We like you for your fatty, disgusting burgers. Stick to what you know.

8. Dollar store pregnancy tests

A Tweet about dollar store pregnancy tests

Spend the extra few bucks. | Cheryl Kar via Twitter

On the list of things you should never cheap out on, a pregnancy test is near the top of the list.

7. Diversity

A Tweet about the lack of diversity

Fox News is not so diverse. | Dyann via Twitter

Who knew that the majority of people at Fox News have something in common other than a distorted point of view?

6. Gotham PD

A Tweet about the Gotham PD

Does Batman really have to do everything? | 60s Batman via Twitter

They always needed Batman to solve all their problems. But still, more trustworthy than Fox News.

5. Papa John’s pizza


A Tweet about Papa John's pizza

Papa John’s really is gross pizza. | Killer Tigger via Twitter

The pizza is disgusting, but the company’s owner is somehow worse.

4. A dangerous game

A Tweet about a Game of Thrones wedding

Don’t RSVP to that wedding. | OrangeCrush8 via Twitter

Trump and Fox News probably know a lot about Red Weddings … Russians, red. Get it?

3. Benedict Arnold

A Tweet about Benedict Arnold

The ultimate betrayal | Gemma Eleanor via Twitter

You know it’s bad when someone would take the word of a known traitor over Fox News.

2. This clown

A Tweet about a scary clown

No! Clowns are bad! | Left is Right via Twitter

Clowns are freakin’ scary, but also maybe more trustworthy than Fox News.

1. Everything

A Tweet about Fox News

Yep, everything | Nicolette via Twitter

We’re going to guess that Donald Trump probably doesn’t make the cut, but sure. Everything else.

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