Twitter Slams Kim Kardashian West for Selling Face Masks and Trying to Profit From the Pandemic

Kim Kardashian West might be known for her reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But these days, her fashion line, SKIMS, is also in the spotlight. The company recently launched a line of face masks, and Twitter users are slamming Kardashian West for trying to profit during the pandemic. 

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Kim Kardashian West’s SKIMS face masks sold out within hours of launch

On May 16, Kardashian West’s fashion brand SKIMS announced the launch of its new face mask line. The masks are made from the same nylon and spandex fabric the SKIMS shapewear is made from and is described as reusable and comfortable.

In the product description, they are referred to as non-medical grade masks only meant to “reduce exposure to dust, allergens, germs and bodily fluids.”  The masks are not respirators and won’t prevent users from contracting a disease or infection. 

But within one hour of their launch, SKIMS sold out all of their face masks. A note on their website states the company is working with producers in LA to make more masks and should have stock available next week. 

Her company is also donating masks

Along with selling the new face masks, Kardashian West’s company is also giving away a number of masks to charity.  A note on the SKIMS website discloses they are donating 10,000 masks to various local relief organizations. 

“To support COVID-19 relief efforts and protect those particularly vulnerable to the virus, SKIMS is donating 10,000 Seamless Face Masks to the following charitable partners: Baby2Baby, Good+ Foundation, LA Food Bank, and National Domestic Workers Alliance,” the website reads.

Twitter slams Kim Kardashian West for selling masks during the pandemic

After learning about Kardashian West’s new line of face masks, many took to Twitter to slam the reality star for profiting during the pandemic. Some pointed out that she is already wealthy enough, and could easily afford to donate all the masks she makes. 

“You just can’t stop making money for yourself, how much is enough,” one user wrote on Twitter. “Give them away for free, you earn money for doing nothing important to Society but show your greed.”

“Just seen that the Kardashians are cashing in on the lack of PPE in America,” another user tweeted. “Given their status and worth, they should be giving all away for free instead of making a profit. I think it’s a bit sh*t, if honest.”

“I’m not talking sh*t,” one Twitter user expressed. “These millionaires do the bare minimum and you fools treat them like Mother Teresa and defend them when they get told to do better. 30 million + people are out of work and she’s trying to hawk face masks on social media.”

“We live in a world were nurses and doctors are dying because they don’t have PPE and Kim Kardashian is selling overpriced face masks to people who will buy them to look cool,” another user tweeted.

Some of Kardashian West’s fans came to her defense, pointing out that she’s donating masks and raising money for charity. The reality star hasn’t responded to the criticism herself, but she may do so in the coming days.