Twitter Users Had Hilarious Reactions to Yesterday’s Instagram Outage

If you tried to get on Instagram (or Facebook or WhatsApp) yesterday and couldn’t, you weren’t alone. All around the world, people tried to access the app and kept frustratingly finding out that nothing was working properly. But Twitter was still up and running, and that’s where most people aired their anger about the outage. And the reactions were priceless.

Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp had a major outage yesterday. | Andrea Ronchini/NurPhoto/Getty Images

Instagram announced that they were aware of an issue

One thing people have noticed about Instagram is that it doesn’t always respond to complaints about an issue. There have been Instagram outages before, and people constantly check the app’s Twitter account for updates but are hard pressed to find any. Yesterday was a similar situation. Instagram sent out only one tweet during its entire outage. “We’re aware of an issue impacting people’s access to Instagram right now,” the tweet read. “We know this is frustrating, and our team is hard at work to resolve this ASAP.” While the tweet was meant to calm flustered users, it only escalated the gifs and memes that got sent Instagram’s way.

Some social media users had hilarious gifs, tweets, and memes to accompany the outage

With Instagram down, people had no choice but to turn to Twitter to air out their frustrations. And as the tweets poured in, so did the laughs. It was clear that to some, the world was ending, but others made humorous jabs at the social media app. “Instagram being broken feels like when Nickelodeon would stop playing cartoons to make us go outside n play,” one tweet from Brother Nature read (referring to Nickelodeon’s annual Worldwide Day of Play, where they’d try to get kids off the couch by pausing their screen time).

Even the Bachelor had some words about the app’s outage

Everyone knows that celebrities make plenty of money from Instagram, but they also love the app just as much as we do. The Bachelor, Colton Underwood, poked fun at the app as well. “Yo @Instagram I just went public with my girlfriend last night and I have to post a few more pictures of us to be annoying/show her off. Can you fix yourself soon?” Underwood is referring to the finale of The Bachelor, where he and Cassie Randolph made their first live appearance as a couple.

When Instagram finally started working again, people still weren’t happy

When the app finally started working, Instagram sent out a tweet to inform all of its followers (who by now were exhausted from complaining so much) that it was back up and running. It used the hilarious Oprah Winfrey gif to let everyone know it was back on. However, in the replies, people were still less than thrilled. They wanted to know why the outage happened in the first place and why it took the app so long to get itself working again.

If the outage taught us one thing, it’s that social media addiction is clearly pretty real. Half a day without a popular photo app can seriously ruin someone’s entire week. For those who struggled with the outage, it’s important to take a step back and remember that social media doesn’t define you, and you don’t need it to live a fulfilling life — although it definitely adds some humor to tough situations.

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