Twitter Users Outraged Over Rose McGowan Suspension

Rose McGowan was temporarily suspended from Twitter after speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, and this decision of the social media giant has immediately sparked widespread outrage.

The Charmed actress announced her suspension on Instagram late on Wednesday, posting a screenshot of the notice telling her her account had been disabled for 12 hours. She wrote, “THERE ARE POWERFUL FORCES AT WORK. BE MY VOICE. #ROSEARMY.”


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It was not immediately clear which tweets of McGowan’s led to the suspension, but it may have been one that showed a screenshot of a private email exchange with an agent, although the agent’s email address was not visible. Some have speculated that the offending tweet was one in which she told Ben Affleck to “f*ck off.” But Twitter requires users to delete tweets in violation of the rules before returning to Twitter, and it’s the agent email tweet that has been deleted, while the Ben Affleck tweet is still on McGowan’s account.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan | Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival

In the hours following this news, Rose McGowan began trending on Twitter as users expressed their outrage that someone who has been fighting against sexual abuse in Hollywood was suspended by a social media company that is notoriously slow to suspend trolls, bots, and white supremacists.

Some observed that while Twitter recently said it will not suspend President Donald Trump because his tweets are newsworthy, this rule apparently did not apply to Rose McGowan this week.

But both sides of the political spectrum were upset that Rose McGowan was suspended, with conservatives like Ann Coulter weighing in as well.

Celebrities soon chimed in and shared their frustration, including some who have been closely following the Harvey Weinstein story and have been speaking out against sexual assault in Hollywood.

There was some discussion among Twitter users on Thursday of some sort of protest against the social media company, but at this time nothing has been formally organized. Twitter has not commented on what led to McGowan’s ban, as they do not comment on the specifics of account bans as a general rule. While McGowan’s account has bene re-activated, she has yet to tweet today; when she gets back on, she may be able to clarify what tweet it was that led to this ban.

Rose McGowan at the New York Film Festival in 2015

Rose McGowan at the New York Film Festival in 2015. | Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Rose McGowan has suggested that she was raped by Harvey Weinstein in 1997, implying as much on Twitter but not speaking about it directly because according to The New York Times, she reached a settlement with him decades ago. Over the past week, as sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein have piled up, McGowan has dedicated her Twitter account to shedding light on these stories and on calling out celebrities who she says knew this was going on. One of those celebrities was Ben Affleck; after Affleck released a statement suggesting he had no clue about Weinstein’s alleged crimes while they were working together, McGowan wasn’t buying it, claiming that he acknowledged Weinstein’s actions in a private conversation with her.

She has also posted private emails suggesting that Bob Weinstein was aware of his brother’s actions, and she has called for the board of The Weinstein Company to be completely dissolved, using the hashtag “#DissolveTheBoard.”