‘Counting On’: Two Surprising Duggars Appear to Have Formed an Extremely Close Bond

There are many members of the Duggar family. In fact, there were a ton when it was still only Jim Bob, Michelle, and their 19 children. But now, several of the Duggar family members have married and started families of their own, which means those numbers are only growing. And from recent social media posts, it looks like two surprising women in the Duggar family have become very close friends.

The Duggar family
The Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

It seems like the Duggars add new family members every year

The Duggar family is constantly expanding. It seems that nearly every year, someone else gets married or has a baby. Though there have not been any Duggar weddings this year, there have been several pregnancies. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald welcomed their third child in late spring. Lauren, Kendra, Abbie, Joy, and Anna all announced pregnancies earlier this year, too. Unfortunately, Joy had a miscarriage at 20 weeks, but the other women should be welcoming their little ones very soon. And it’s only a matter of time until another Duggar announces a courtship.

The family is currently on a trip to visit Jinger Duggar in California

Many of the family members have recently taken a huge trip out west to visit Jinger, who moved to California with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, earlier this year. There were rumors that Jinger and Jeremy weren’t getting along with Jinger’s parents (due to her somewhat rebellious nature), but those rumors don’t seem to be true. Jinger and Jeremy share a daughter, Felicity, and they’re the only members of the family to have moved so far away from their home town of Tontitown, Arkansas. Though some of the family members couldn’t attend the trip for various reasons, there is still quite a crowd making the visit, and it’s given different family members a new chance to bond.

Jana and Abbie seem to have formed a close friendship

Abbie is married to Jana’s twin brother, John David, and Jana recently posted a photo to Instagram of her and Abbie wearing matching outfits while visiting Jinger. “Twinning” the caption read, complete with a yellow emoji heart. It’s unclear if Jana and Abbie coordinated the outfits, but it appears that they’ve had plenty of time to bond on the trip. For the most part, they’re the only older ones who are visiting; it’s the younger kids and Jinger, who is likely busy taking care of Felicity and entertaining all of the guests.

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It’s possible they have more in common because of their age

Jana and Abbie are close in age, so with Jinger busy making sure everyone is having fun, Jana and Abbie have likely spent more time conversing because they have more in common. Plus, Abbie is married to Jana’s twin, and Jana and John David have always had a very close bond because of that. Neither Jana nor John David rushed into marriage (and Jana is still waiting for her life partner), and the twins have always had a lot in common. It’s nice to see that Jana is growing closer to her in-laws.