Tyler Cameron Finally Addresses His Back-To-Back Dates With Hannah Brown And Gigi Hadid–’I Never Meant To Do Anyone Wrong’

Tyler Cameron was the runner-up of Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Much of Bachelor Nation was hoping Cameron and Brown would get together after she ended her engagement to her season winner, Jed Wyatt.

In a moment Bachelor Nation won’t soon forget, Brown asked Cameron out for a drink on national television. Then, a few days later, the budding model was photographed leaving Brown’s Los Angeles apartment in the morning with an overnight bag in his hand. But only two days after that, Cameron was photographed out in New York City with supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Tyler Cameron says he told Hannah Brown that he was ‘going to date people’

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cameron spoke about what he and Brown had discussed the night he stayed at her place.  

“I told her that I was still going to date people,” he said. “[When The Bachelorette was airing], I really didn’t go out and date nobody. I didn’t put myself out there at all, out of respect for her, and out of respect for the show. And so I was like, ‘I still want to go and put myself out there and see what’s right and what’s not right.’ And that’s all I really was trying to do.”

Cameron admits that there’s still “emotion” between him and Brown.

“There’s definitely emotion still there. She’s an incredible person, an incredible girl,” he said. “When she said, ‘Get a drink,’ I was already figuring we were going to get a drink, one way or the other… it was good to have [that conversation].”

After Brown realized Cameron had begun hanging out with Hadid just days after their night together, she was a little hurt.

“It’s not always easy [to do the right thing],” Cameron said. “I make mistakes and there’s definitely things that I could handle better but I never meant to do anyone wrong. I was just trying to figure out what was best for me and where my heart was at.”

Despite how everything played out, Cameron says he has a lot of respect for Brown. He’s even catching her Dancing With The Stars dances when he can.

“She’s an amazing girl. I gave it my all, and she’s incredible,” he said. “I’ve watched little snippets [of her on Dancing With the Stars]… she’s killing it.” 

Tyler Cameron is adjusting to fame–’It puts a lot of pressure on things’

Cameron also spoke to ET about adjusting to his new reality and being photographed by paparazzi.

“That’s just me not understanding the world that I was kind of thrown into,” he said. “It’s definitely been an eye-opener, and you have to move differently now. That never came across my mind that was a thing. The [naivety] of me, I guess.”

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“I miss the anonymity of being able to just blend in,” he added.

Though he’s excited about and thankful for his new life, Cameron also says his newfound fame adds a lot of pressure to every situation.   

“It puts a lot of pressure on things that don’t need to have pressure on them,” he said. “Everyone writes their own narrative before you figure out what you’re trying to do. It definitely puts pressure on a lot of things… it’s crazy the narratives people come up with, and I’m just trying to do the right thing on my end and succeed in the ways I want to succeed.”

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