Tyler Cameron Reveals How The Boys Would Workout Behind The Scenes Of ‘The Bachelorette’–They Got Creative

The Bachelor and Bachelorette aren’t exactly known for showcasing a diverse array of body types. It’s a sure bet at this point that each new cast will be filled with exclusively conventionally hot people with conventionally hot bodies.

But there’s no gym at the Bachelor Mansion, and there’s often nowhere to workout once the contestants start traveling. So what’s a group of fit, hot people to do? They get creative.

Hannah Brown and her 'Bachelorette' contestnats | Mark Bourdillon via Getty Images
Hannah Brown and her ‘Bachelorette’ contestants | Mark Bourdillon via Getty Images

Tyler Cameron from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette (Hot Guy Poster Boy) recently revealed in an interview with GQ how he and his fellow contestants stayed in shape during Brown’s season.

“It’s a makeshift, do-what-you-can situation. We’d run around wherever we were. Some hotels had pools, and we’d go and swim. Some guys brought resistance bands, so there was a lot of band work. We even started picking up the sandbags they used for the cameras, and lifted those as weights,” he said.

Why Tyler Cameron got into running before ‘The Bachelorette’

A quick scroll through Cameron’s Instagram and it’s clear the reality star, budding model has always been a fitness fanatic. As Bachelorette fans know, his father became ill before he left for Los Angeles to start filming. His dad’s declining health inspired Cameron to start running with his family.

“My dad got sick shortly before I went on the show, and after he got out of the hospital, I started getting everybody in my family to do these group runs. Every Thursday we’d go out, about five or six of us—I thought it was important to get moving, and I wanted my family to be healthy after seeing what my dad went through,” he told GQ.

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Cameron continued: “When I moved to New York, my buddy and I decided to try holding one of these runs in Central Park, just to see how it went. Turnout was crazy—80 or 90 people showed up. So we said, Let’s do this again. A Nike Run coach who got involved challenged me to do the Chicago Marathon. And everybody I talked to told me New York City has the coolest marathon, so I was like, Alright, I’m up for the challenge.”

With a background in football, Cameron has had to adjust his workout routine to adjust to running.

“I’ve had to stay away from the weights and focus more on getting lean. Your body takes a beating from all that running on the pavement, so the lighter I can get, the better. I was 250 pounds when I was playing tight end, and I’m 210 now,” he said.

He says his goal time for his upcoming marathons is “maybe under four hours.”

Tyler Cameron likens his basketball game to LeBron James’

Cameron also told the publication that his favorite form of conditioning is playing basketball with his two men’s league teams.

“I played in high school, and one of my teams is run by a guy I grew up with in Jupiter, Florida. He’s like a big brother, so it’s great to have him here in the city, and to get to play with him. The other team I’m on is guys I played against during intramural basketball at Wake Forest,” he said.

When asked which NBA player he’s comparable to, Cameron said LeBron James.

“I’m a point forward. I bang down low, bring the ball up court, and make the good pass, or I’m scoring.”

His specialty? Rebounds.

“Oh, I’m a banger. I’m down in the paint, rebounding, defending. No one gets rebounds like I do. My nickname in high school was Bam-Bam, because I was just a bruiser,” he said.

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