Tyler Cameron Says Hannah Brown’s ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants Shouldn’t Have Any Beef With Luke P. At This Point

Luke Parker was the controversial villain on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. He didn’t exactly get along with his fellow contestants.

Luke Parker | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Luke Parker | John Fleenor via Getty Images

As Brown’s Bachelorette season aired, fans and fellow contestants alike criticized Parker for his behavior. Fans often called out Parker for being sexist and contestants criticized Parker for not minding his own business (failing to stay in his lane).

Tyler Cameron’s relationship with Luke Parker

Fan favorite Tyler Cameron, in particular, would make a point to try and reason with Parker.

When Parker was upset at Brown for going bungee jumping in her underwear, Cameron was quick to ask him why it’s ok for him to parade around shirtless but not ok for her to bungee jump in her skivvies.

“Do you not think that it’s a double standard the fact that you’re able to parade around in a speedo in front of everybody, show your big bravado self, but she can’t go bungee jumping?” he asked.

But as the show came to a close, when Parker was on the receiving end of a lot of audience hate, Cameron stood up for the controversial contestant.

“I truly believe Luke at 30 years old would have handled things a lot differently. We mature and grow so much in our 20’s. I know I’m a different person from the kid I was at 24,” Cameron tweeted July 22.

Tyler Cameron says it’s time to move on–’Everyone deserves to be happy’

It’s been about three months since Brown’s season came to a close. At this point, Cameron believes everyone (especially their fellow contestants) should move on from the Parker drama.

In an interview with Christian YouTube show Paul and Morgan, Parker spoke about the low spot he was in when The Bachelorette was airing and just after.

“Episodes became really hard for me to watch. The DMs, as soon as I got home, the direct messages on Instagram, any social media, were blown up and just filled with not just ‘Oh you’re a loser’ but like ‘you’re a waste of life.’ Serious, deep, hateful, evil messages. At first when I was experiencing this it was tough for me. I was continuing to read them over and over and over, well because I got a lot of them, and I was starting to get in a bad place of ‘God, why did you put me through this?’” he shared.

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Rise above it

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In a recent Instagram Q&A, Cameron answered a fan question about if “the cast” still had “beef” with Parker.

“Shouldn’t be. What is done is done. Everyone should be pulling for each other at this point. We all went through the craziest ordeal of our lives. Want nothing but the best for everyone involved,” he wrote. “Everyone deserves to be happy. We all need to grow and learn from our mistakes and become better men.”

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