Tyler Cameron Turned Down ‘The Bachelor’ For This Unexpected Reason

By now, Bachelor nation is fully aware that Peter Weber will be their next lead as The Bachelor and most fans are less than enthused. Though Weber seems nice enough, plenty of people are disappointed that fan favorite, Mike Johnson wasn’t selected for the role. Johnson appeared to be a mature, charismatic, respectful man who was seriously looking for his wife. While Weber isn’t a poor choice, fans of the franchise were disappointed by the show’s consistent lack of diversity. But, surprisingly, Weber wasn’t the first person to be offered the role. Producers of The Bachelor first offered the role to Tyler Cameron, whose southern gentleman charm stole the hearts of fans across the country.

Tyler Cameron turned down The Bachelor
Tyler Cameron | Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Tyler Cameron was offered The Bachelor before Peter Weber

Cameron recently did an interview with ET online and shocked fans when he revealed that he was offered the role of The Bachelor prior to Weber. Obviously, Cameron made the decision to turn down the lead role, but not for the reason that most fans expect. Ultimately, it had less to do with who Cameron was dating and more to do with his family.

Cameron dishes in an interview

“It was something we talked about, but where I was at in my life, I just didn’t think it was where I wanted to be. My heart wasn’t in it, my dad was really sick again, and I was nervous and scared. I sat on it, thought about it, and…my heart wasn’t it,” the 26-year-old model confessed.

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But, his father’s health and his personal qualms weren’t the only factors that went into Cameron’s decision to turn down The Bachelor. The Jupiter native also confessed that his dating life also contributed to him rejecting the role. “You shouldn’t go on the show if you have a girlfriend,” Cameron said matter-of-factly. One would assume he was referring to supermodel Gigi Hadid, whom he’s been dating for a few months. But, Cameron was quick to clarify right away that he wasn’t implying he himself had a girlfriend.

Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid

“No, I wasn’t saying that, but if you’re dating somebody or seeing somebody,” he clarified. “My heart wasn’t 100 percent there and that’s something you have to be fully invested in. I was on the other side of it as a contestant and it was a much easier role,” Cameron confessed. While we don’t exactly buy that he and Hadid aren’t an item and we certainly don’t believe the pair are “just friends” as Cameron stated later in the interview, we can see how his relationship with Hadid factored into him turning down The Bachelor.

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A different kind of bachelor life

We’re happy that Cameron’s father is doing well. The touching moment between Cameron and his father was hands down the most touching moment of hometowns on the last season of The Bachelorette. With so much going on in Cameron’s life (his dad’s health, his situationship with Hadid, and constant meetings, including one with Disney ABC) we can see why he opted out of the role of The Bachelor. We wish him the best in his post-bachelor career and here’s hoping that Weber will deliver a quality season in January 2020.