Tyra Banks Just Defended Gabrielle Union Amid the ‘America’s Got Talent’ and Terry Crews Drama

Just before the Christmas holiday, fans were stunned to learn that Gabrielle Union had been fired from her role as a judge on the long-running NBC competition series, America’s Got Talent. It was especially baffling since Union had only been on the series for one season, and had the largest social media impact of any judge ever in the history of AGT.

Though the actress was quiet about her ousting for some time, when Variety published a scathing report about the toxic, sexist, and racist work environment that Union was forced to endure, she came forward with her story.

Since then, NBC has vowed to investigate the issues and many celebrities and fans have rallied around Union. Unfortunately, Terry Crews, a former AGT judge is shaming Union for speaking up prompting supermodel Tyra Banks to come forward in the  L.A.’s Finest actress’ defense.

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Gabrielle Union spoke up about the toxic work environment at ‘America’s Got Talent’

Though Union has been very professional handling things behind closed doors and through lawyers, the Variety report gave fans just an inkling of what the veteran actress was dealing with. According to Variety — Union was subjected to at least half a dozen notes about her appearance — namely that her hair was “too black.”

Union had also voiced her concerns over a 10-year-old Black rapper that was deemed to be too “unappealing for the AGT” audience. Additionally, she spoke up about Simon Cowell’s indoor cigarette smoking which also fell on deaf ears.

Terry Crews defended “diversity” on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Though Union was one of Crews’ main advocates when he spoke put about sexually assaulted, apparently he doesn’t understand anything about extending the same courtesy or at least being quiet.

“It just was not my experience,” he told Us Weekly about his time on AGT. “It was the best experience I ever had in my entire life. When they talk about diversity, there was every bit of diversity on set, everywhere. I have never been in a more diverse place in 20 years of entertainment, so what can I say?”

When fans challenged him –Crews childlessly lashed out saying the only person he had to defend was his wife.  “After Gabrielle stuck her neck out for you, you couldn’t even give her the courtesy of not saying ANYTHING?” one fan tweeted. “What does her being a woman have to do with anything? You couldn’t value her just as a human being? Endlessly disappointing.”

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Suits. I can get used to this.

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Tyra Banks is defending Gabrielle Union

Thankfully, other voices are stepping in to defend Union, including Tyra Banks who was a host on AGT for two years. “I almost kind of like dipped my toe in and left, so I’m not really immersed in the culture,” Banks told Yahoo! Entertainment. “Like people ask me about Victoria’s Secret, I can wax poetic about that — I was there for 10 years. What I love about what she did is she was very vulnerable. I wasn’t super close to it, but I saw some of her tweets,” Banks shares. “I thought it was maybe beautiful… how she wasn’t speaking in anger, she’s speaking in pain like ‘I’m trying to get through this… and I’m crying.’”

We’re just glad Banks and other women continue to be allies to others.