Ultimate Man Caves: 4 Video Game Rooms That You Have to See

We all love video games. Gaming is a popular hobby, and a massive industry that rakes in billions each year. But some people take their love of gaming more seriously than others. Some people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars and dedicate an entire room of their house to video games.

Welcome to the world of video game man caves. The great thing about these shrines to our favorite pastime is that the people who make them are proud of them and want to show them off. If you search YouTube for gaming room tours, you’ll find hundreds of results, some more impressive than others.

Here are our four favorite tours of some of the most impressive video game man caves around.

1. Tyler Kirkham

This DC comic artist and Elder Scrolls super fan spent three years and $50,000 turning his basement into a medieval fantasy time warp that would look right at home in Skyrim.

Incredibly, the $20,000 cinema system at the center of the experience, where Kirkham plays his games, is actually the least interesting part of this glorious man cave. It’s the custom-made medieval trappings and the detailed collectibles that really sell the vibe.

This basement is home to a weapon rack, complete with longswords, axes, and crossbows. It has helmets, a beastly skull wall hanging, and a potion lab to heal up after battle. It even has a secret room hidden behind a bookshelf you can access by pulling on one of the dusty tomes. And the waterfall in the bathroom? That’s the icing on the cake.

2. Metal Jesus

A YouTuber who goes by the name Metal Jesus has assembled one of the more impressive video game man caves we’ve seen. Clearly, MJ (for short) has roots in old-school gaming, but his collection doesn’t stop there. In his 900 square-foot man cave, he has two televisions set up to play many of his 45 gaming consoles.

On a CRT television, he’s hooked up his older systems, like Intellivision, TurboGraphics-16, Atari 7800, ColecoVision, and PlayStation One. He also has a drawer full of handhelds, plus a Retron 5 console that plays cartridges from NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance.

Connected to the HD television, MJ has a Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Wii. In the video, he shows the adapters and wiring tricks he used to connect all these consoles to his televisions. The setup is so simple to use that he can play any console at any time with the push of a button.

Add in shelf upon shelf of games from all eras, and you’re looking at a killer gaming man cave.

3. Gamer Geek Nation

The most jealousy-inducing thing about this room is that it’s packed full of every NES game released in the U.S. Considering we’re talking about 713 licensed titles, that’s an impressive collection (to say the least).

In addition to that, he has a collection of board games based on video games, books, action figures, and binders full of handheld cartridges. He has a never-opened original copy of Warcraft, plus R.O.B. the Robot, and a staggering number of consoles and handheld systems, with boxes included. All in all it’s a fantastic collection that spans decades of gaming history.

Although the video quality isn’t all that high, it does have a sweet thrash metal soundtrack running in the background the whole time. So you can rock out and watch the tour in awe.

4. SeeJayAre

When it comes to cleanliness and order, no one does it like SeeJayAre. Every wall in this man’s basement is lined with incredible game collections for just about every system in history, plus boxes, accessories, toys, figures, and display items from retailers like GameStop. The size of the collection is impressive, but its tidiness is something you don’t see in most of these man cave tours.

How do you amass a collection so impressive? SeeJayAre acquired most of the games from garage sales for well under the usual going rate. If you’re looking to bulk up your game collection, check out his garage sale videos to see how it’s done (here’s one, but his channel has many more).

The only thing left to do now is to start planning a gaming man cave of your own.

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