‘The Umbrella Academy’ Cast Use 1 Word to Describe Characters

The Umbrella Academy – Netflix’s superhero sensation starring Robert Sheehan, Ellen Page, and Mary J. Blige – has united comic book aficionados and your everyday Iron Man lovers alike. The series, taking a darkly comic approach to the oversaturated genre, is already a smash hit on Rotten Tomatoes.

With a cast of characters equal parts dysfunctional and lovable, The Umbrella Academy dives headfirst into the absurdist territory, and it flourishes as a result. The Umbrella Academy, hailed for introducing the most unlikely batch of heroes, presents a sexually deviant and sarcastic drug addict, a half-beast half-man with daddy issues, a 50-year-old stuck in an adolescent’s body, and that’s not even half the lot.

'The Umbrella Academy' Cast
‘The Umbrella Academy’ Cast | Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images for Netflix

Each character is fraught with suppressed childhood traumas and battered adult existences. With more than meets the eye unraveling with every episode, their fates remain surprising yet inevitable.

From “evil” to “chaos,” see if you agree with ‘The Umbrella Academy’ cast’s answers

Despite every character’s complexity, when asked to describe their characters using only one word, the actors rose to the challenge. Below, you will find the one-word descriptors they provided at the 2018 NYC Comic Con.

Robert Sheehan AKA Klaus Hargreeves: “Chaos”

Robert Sheehan told the NYC Comic-Con audience that the best word to describe Klaus Hargreeves is “chaos” before going onto explain that choosing one word can be a bit “tricky”; however, Klaus doesn’t seem to “know which end is up.” For all of you who have watched the show, this seems like the most apropos definition. Who else but Klaus finds himself in peril, virtually powerless, yet also unphased?

Mary J. Blige AKA Cha-Cha: “Evil. Evil Evil”

Mary J. Blige chose “evil” to describe Cha-Cha, and repeats the word three times for good measure, before proceeding to define the character as “empty.” Unlike her partner in crime, Hazel, Cha-Cha seems to live her life completely detached from matters of the heart. She follows orders and kills. Simple and sweet; evil seems like a fit.

Aidan Gallagher AKA Number Five: “Calculated”

After stating that Robert Sheehan stole his first idea, Aidan Gallagher chose “calculated” to describe Number Five. Five is the man convinced he has the knowledge to prevent an apocalypse. He is the one who disappears from meetings intent on solving the case on his own. He is the guy destined to save the family, but often the one too focused to realize their potential. Calculated seems about right.

Cameron Britton AKA Hazel: “Depressed”

Cameron Britton believes that Hazel is “depressed.” Britton told Comic-Con that Hazel “works as a time-traveling assassin, but he still finds no magic in that.” Hazel is Cha-Cha’s opposite; he’s the one looking for more. Unable to find fulfillment in his blue-collar murdering gig, he winds up uninspired and disinterested.

Tom Hopper AKA Luther: “Pressured”

Whether by his deceased father, his moral compass, his desire to save the family, or his need to live up to the potential he feels he harbors, Luther is pressured from all angles imaginable.

David Casteñeda AKA Diego: “Mean”

While acknowledging that many have called Diego “bitter,” David Casteñeda prefers “mean.” It appears that “bitter” gives Diego the benefit of the doubt – blaming a harsh upbringing and other external factors – but Casteñeda felt mean covered the gamut best.

Emmy Raver-Lampman AKA Allison: “Guilt-ridden”

After asking permission to use two words, a request the Comic-Con interviewer granted, Emmy Raver-Lampman used “guilt-ridden” to describe Allison. However, since this is technically a compound word, she followed the rules in my book. Allison used her powers to attain her career and manipulate her daughter. If anyone should feel guilty, it’s this one.

Ellen Page AKA Vanya: “Anxious”

Vanya is never able to plant her feet firmly (for most of the season that is). Often questioning her instrumental talent and her place within the family dynamic, she never seems comfortable. So, Ellen Page’s choice feels perfect. No matter the environment, anxiety seems to drip from Vanya’s pores.

Now we wait for season two, for the return of an anxious Vanya, a guilt-ridden Allison, and a chaotic Klaus Hargreeves.