The Unbelievable Marriage Advice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Gave Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Both performer Jennifer Lopez and her former athlete fiance, Alex Rodriguez, have been married before. Now that they planning to tie the knot, they’ve turned to an unlikely source for advice: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So what did the judge tell them? Read on to learn.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are engaged

Rodriguez and Lopez got engaged in March 2019, about two years after they began dating. He proposed while they were on a beach vacation together, which Lopez says was a complete surprise to her.

Now, the two will have to plan a wedding (at some point). But before they do, they’re taking their time, and getting some good advice from a source.

How many times have they each been married before?

As previously mentioned, Lopez and Rodriguez have both been married before. Lopez has been married three times, while Rodriguez has been divorced only once.

Both Lopez and Rodriguez also have children from their previous marriages. Lopez is mother to twins Emme and Max, while Rodriguez is the father of two daughters, Natasha and Ella.

They turned to an unlikely source for marriage advice

composite image of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jennifer Lopez, and Alex Rodriguez
L: Ruth Bader Ginsburg | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, R: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The weekend that she and Rodriguez got engaged, they watched RBG, the Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary on Netflix. “It was fascinating to me. First of all, she’s an amazing woman. [She’s] been fighting for laws and justice for so many years in our country. For women, for minorities, for the underprivileged. And she also had this amazing marriage to Marty [Martin Ginsburg], who was a tax attorney.” (Martin passed away in 2010 due to complications from cancer just a few days after their 56th anniversary.)

Lopez told all of this to Jimmy Kimmel on his show. “When I went on tour, and we were in Washington [D.C.], I was like, ‘I’d love to meet her.’ Alex is like, ‘We should see if we can meet her.’ And I invited her to the concert. And she was like, ‘It’s a little bit late for me… She goes, ‘But come to my chambers. Let’s have a visit. Let’s have a little time together.’ And we sat there, and we talked.”

Here’s what Ginsburg had to say

Lopez said that she said to Ginsburg, “‘You had the most amazing marriage. What’s the marriage advice? Give me the secret, please! I need it.'” Ginsburg replied, “‘I’ll tell you what my mother-in-law told me on my wedding day, which was, ‘It’s good to be a little deaf sometimes.” But it was so simple and wise, you know what I mean? She goes, ‘And I’ve used that not only in my marriage but in my job.’ “

The couple also asked for advice on how they can help the country as a whole. Ginsburg said, “‘What anybody can do is just go what you’re doing, be your best self and put out into the world what you’re putting out. Inspiring people, doing what you do, living your life in a way that is an example to other people.'”

Lopez continued, “Which is a responsibility. Because you don’t want to think about everybody watching your stuff. But that was her thing. It’s like, you’re not going to maybe be a judge, but she was the best judge. You be the best you.”

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